Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

It’s a qualification required for a person to fly commercial airplanes around the world. Governed by the Industry regulators, the CPL allows you to work and be paid to fly modern planes carrying passengers with the utmost safety around the world.

A minimum of 200 hours of flight training must be obtained, of which at least 35 hours must be dual after obtaining your PPL. Our program includes, 5 hours of night of which 2 hours are on a cross-country. You will also need to accumulate 5 hours more Cross-country time and at least 20 hours’ instrument (maximum of 10 hours can be done in the simulator).

You will also require 30 hours’ solo after obtaining your PPL. 25 hours’ solo flight time can be done in the day, including a 300 NM cross-country, and 5 hours’ solo at night. For the 300 NM, cross country, the distance must be straight line, and a minimum of 3 airports other than the departure airport (CNC3) must be reached. Furthermore, a minimum of 100 hours of your total time must be as Pilot-in-Command (including PPL). A CPL licence program requires the applicant to hold a Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

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