Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (IATPL)

The Airline industry has always seen a demand for professional pilots to fly their plane and as projected per the latest economic boom the Airline Industry will always have a shortage of qualified pilots.

This professional training program (IATPL) is designed to prepare the pilots to take up jobs with various Airline companies around the world and as such this is one a mandatory requirement dedicated to producing qualified pilots, job-ready for charter and commuter operators and familiar with current industry expectations. The goal is accomplished through the delivery of the IATPL curriculum as developed in consultation with various Aviation and Airline Industry experts, The Air Transport Association and distinguished airline pilots.

This IATPL Program has been designed to meet the flight crew skill needs of airlines as suggested by ATAC in human resource studies of the industry. Students receive training in flight and ground school subjects approved by the industry. The advanced airline training elements are patterned on standardized Initial Training provided by air carriers to new hire pilots and are taught by active line pilots. As well, the Program provides trainees with insights into getting a job in the industry through aviation business familiarization, resume preparation, interviewing tips and practice, airline “sim ride” training and networking opportunities with active airline pilots to further career goals

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